Wiki or KB or something


I am currently sharing all my projects on my site but I would like to open it up even more and show you how I did stuff. I know I comment here on my blog when I send stuff but it will be almost impossible to find out how stuff is done and add to it. I am going to research into hosting the code somewhere safe along with some clear documentation

From My Desktop


Hello to you from my desktop!

That's correct, I'm coming to you today from not the internet, not my phone, nor some other crazy way but through a lone piece of software called 'Blog Entry Poster' It's for Linux as that's what I'm on these days. It's OK - It's a box that you can write a post in. Just what I needed really.

Website Updates include a new little 'Dylan' on the left-hand side whom appears to be talking to you! He's saying my latest Tweet / Facebook status for you - lovely.

I got an invite for Google Wave (thanks Gareth!) - with minimal numbers of people - being collaboratively creative is hard but they have given me 8 invitations to send to people so if you want one then please do ask... Expect a re-hash on the old projects section soon - I'm going to make it a little more beautiful and easy and mainly add some University content too for your pleasure.... coming soon-ish. Haven't really thought of anything yet but I'll start! So let's see what this post looks like...

NOTE: I had to edit it because it put it into loads of paragraphs and didn't have a title - That piece of software has had a short life.



You may have noticed the reduced loading time on my homepage -- this is due to cache.php which runs every 10 minutes getting all the bits of info from flickr, twitter, lastfm etc instead of calling them on every page load. Nice One!