New for May 2010


Welcome to May, it should be bringing lots of new and interesting things in the form of

With the last blog post months ago, I begin with an apology, although I don't really mean it because I wasn't a serious blogger before. That's not to say I am now but I would like to take this particular medium more seriously.

With that in mind, I am putting together a series of posts that will be published this weekend. These will include the recent changes made to the website, the vision for the future and details on projects I have been working on recently.

So, with that in mind, keep an eye out for future posts soon

Chat From Website


Have you ever wanted to talk to me from the website? No, well you can now anyway! In the top bar there is now a little speech bubble with the word 'chat' now available to everyone! Click on it and if I'm online - it will open a little web chat client and we can have real-time conversations!



You may have noticed the reduced loading time on my homepage -- this is due to cache.php which runs every 10 minutes getting all the bits of info from flickr, twitter, lastfm etc instead of calling them on every page load. Nice One!