New for May 2010


Welcome to May, it should be bringing lots of new and interesting things in the form of

With the last blog post months ago, I begin with an apology, although I don't really mean it because I wasn't a serious blogger before. That's not to say I am now but I would like to take this particular medium more seriously.

With that in mind, I am putting together a series of posts that will be published this weekend. These will include the recent changes made to the website, the vision for the future and details on projects I have been working on recently.

So, with that in mind, keep an eye out for future posts soon



Hello - I have created 2 seperate nodes (node1 and node2) as subdomains on where I shall be experimenting with different things slighty seperate from the main site. This is mainly to try and keep everything nice and tidy. I wrote a ruby application yesterday - It said "Hello" - very complicated stuff.

Ubuntu - New Laptop


My laptop has been experiencing some difficulties recently. Not that unusual. However I do not want to loose any more work, photos, music etc so I have acquired a NEW pc from computer recycling at York University. It is running Ubuntu 9.10 and is so quite well. The rescue operation of my stuff has begun - starting with my music collection. It is actually an upgrade as the PC has a bigger hard drive, faster processor, more RAM, an extra CD drive, more USB connections, a gigabit ethernet card and more...

Signpost Website Update

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Yesterday afternoon I moved the sgnpost website over to it's new home on 000webhost. This was basically moving where the domain was- previously it just pointed at the pages but now the URL is registered on 000webhosts nameservers.

In the process I made a few bug fixes, especially some in the admin section. And added PHP includes for prehtml, head, navigation and footer. They also got moved into a folder of their own too keep out of the way. The only regret is I have is including the end head tag within the head php file as now adding extra script to a page has become more difficult. Further plans include user based login incorporated with OpenID and hopefully Facebook Connect. This is one of the main reasons for the prehtml file - to do cookies and login data etc.

Other quick fixes need to be done to css, script and things and almost all the images on site need to be re-done. That's about it for now- oh new twitter feed for them: @signpostyouth and flickr photo account coming soon too