A Blog - Why?


Why have I decided to do this now?

A person asked me the other day if I had a blog, I said no. Now I can say for certain, yes!

Over the past months, I have been trying to put together a decent web presence where I can put my photos, my calender, documents, music, links, files and all that jazz. I have tried a few different things out - wordpress, dynamicDNS, 000webhost, google. They each have their merits and their annoyances so I really want to create something different!

My current project at the moment has a purpose!

I have had the opportunity to experiment with different things, PHP, jQuery, XHTML, Facebook Connect and all that kind of stuff. So far it's looking pretty good, although still lacking quite a lot of content. The A-Z of Drugs is coming along slowly while the video and audio blogs have come to a stand still.

So, that doesn't really answer my question of why a blog?

I think it is somewhere I have decided on, hopefully will stay in one place! Expect a running commentry on all my web development, mainly so that later in a few months when I decide - ooh I liked that particular thing when I did that, I know what I did and have some basis to google off! So for know - tara!