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I'm sorry I've been away for so long but we are back to basics now. Started at the University of Leeds and am still working on making little web apps as a hobby.

Going to tidying up this site a bit so to perhaps get some more work If you're interested in hiring me out- feel free to contact me <- contact details

See ya!

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Hello there!

It's been a while but basically just moved house in York so it's taken a while to get everything back up and running now.

Here is the update. Artist Info on my website is coming along fabulously - if you go to and enter an artist name you will get, photo, bio, releases, reviews, videos, events - what more could you want!

Signpost has had a re-shuffle towards the 3 coloumn layout they were looking for. Havn't tested it out on a widescreen display but I am quietly confident! It looks good and now has an added site feedback form.

I have the intention of adding the requested contact page and also 'fun & games' which hopefully incorporate more web based activities.

For now, tara x