An Update To Date


Hello all!

Just been to the cinema to see The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

It was really good actually. Enough action to psycological thriller for my liking. The characters were pretty likeable.

Webwise - I have been starting and scrapping a few things:

  1. 'Now Playing on URY' has been having quite a bit of success. Working on vista production machine-ish. Needs a bit more intelligence. When a song overlaps another etc, shouldn't be to hard to do but a working process thats on pause for a few days as I have dedicated all of this weeks nights to it and have turned into an owl.
  2. 'Visual Radio' - I have played around with hosting my own flash server, worked a little but needs to much config, power etc so going with the java .tv hosting site which works well. Going to add some seprate controls for poll, images and texting to make it less complicated. The spirit pc is streaming 24 hours a day S1 webcam, hasn't really failed yet! Although I just checked now and it's down -oops!
  3. Signpost - I have been trying out some upload scripts to see if we can create an admin interface to add photos. May have to use an external site such as picsa or whatever it's called. Would be better, more professional so that needs testing.
  4. - I have joined and have added a URY account, hope to try and tie in the Now Playing information so to keep it updated.

Thats about it from me, work tomorrow 9-5 (don't rob me)

Love Dylan


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