iPlayer Statistics


So I have a couple of months of iPlayer use data, what to do with it?

There may be a few interesting trends starting to appear if I start to analyze them. Such as when, how often and for how long do I use the service; days of the week, times of day- that kind of thing . It should be interesting but, it would be really good if I could do some kind of mashup of the data.

I do know when I was in Wales over Christmas which I could include in a map or using the BBC Programmes data, look more into what I was actually watching. Which actors, directors do I watch the most? Which channel, radio station etc?

If the data is available- look into favourite genres, locales, and the rest of it.

Has anyone else done a similar project?

What interesting data can be pulled up here?

Talking of linked data, I intend to publish an interactive, more accurate 'My Linked Web' map soon, maybe, hopefully.

iPhone Network Tip

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If you are a user of an iPhone then you may find this little tip quite helpful. if you keep getting an annoying popup whenever you loose network saying, "No Network" and have to keep dismissing then follow these steps to disable it.

settings -> network -> automatic