An Update To Date


Hello all!

Just been to the cinema to see The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

It was really good actually. Enough action to psycological thriller for my liking. The characters were pretty likeable.

Webwise - I have been starting and scrapping a few things:

  1. 'Now Playing on URY' has been having quite a bit of success. Working on vista production machine-ish. Needs a bit more intelligence. When a song overlaps another etc, shouldn't be to hard to do but a working process thats on pause for a few days as I have dedicated all of this weeks nights to it and have turned into an owl.
  2. 'Visual Radio' - I have played around with hosting my own flash server, worked a little but needs to much config, power etc so going with the java .tv hosting site which works well. Going to add some seprate controls for poll, images and texting to make it less complicated. The spirit pc is streaming 24 hours a day S1 webcam, hasn't really failed yet! Although I just checked now and it's down -oops!
  3. Signpost - I have been trying out some upload scripts to see if we can create an admin interface to add photos. May have to use an external site such as picsa or whatever it's called. Would be better, more professional so that needs testing.
  4. - I have joined and have added a URY account, hope to try and tie in the Now Playing information so to keep it updated.

Thats about it from me, work tomorrow 9-5 (don't rob me)

Love Dylan



So, still living it up in Llandrindod before I head back up North. While here I have made a lot of progress on Signpost. New content includes the 'Think Safe' section incorporating a drink unit calculator, drug of the month etc.

Visually some adjustments have been made too, the rounded corners have bit the dust until the official, compatible css comes out for IE. The stripped back background has gone and a yellow bigger background has appeared covering more of the page.

The only current problem seems to be content being fixed so that it doesn't get bigger with the page.

I have also re-tidyed the head - passing variables (title + description) by php did not work so titles + descriptions are set manually out on each page.

Would have liked to do some testing on the visual player but my laptop remains in safe-mode. Got it to boot up yesterday but then it over heated in the middle of torchwood and now we're back to basics :(

Until then....

Moved Out


Well hello again, long time no speak!

I have successfully moved out of 121 and into storage. It was a bit of a mammoth task with Big D and everything but I made it. Thursday was Little D - live OB from outside Heslington Hall. It was really good fun. Had to go to work that evening 'till finish. Last shift before 'holiday'.

After work, went on to DJ at the silent disco at Big D - sooo much fun. Kicked ass.

Stayed up all night packing, getting pretty tired by this stage. Had 2 hours sleep, started moving things to storage at 8.30 AM. Finished by 11.30am and the massive cleanup ensued.

Took Alice to train station for 3.30, getting pretty very tired. Made it home to relax a little, have a sleep.

Woke up, cleaned and cooked, moved rest of my stuff up to URY for the week Made it to Sinclair's to give the keys and paperwork back, ate some cake there.

Went to URY, met Gareth - took the station off air and then indeed apart! I fell asleep around 2am, he kept going. Got up at 5 for train, fell asleep missed Shrewsbury stop, had to get bus from Hereford but made it back just about alive!

Looking forward to my few days here in Llandrindod! Boom, there you go!

A Few Days Out



The past weekend has been crazy! - WOODSTOCK, Work and not sleeping have been the themes. I have just caught some sleep this past night.

Thursday work till late, go to ury to record show and set up for warm-up, locked out - fail.

Friday morning goto work, finish at 4 and head to ury to help with sessions. Success.

Finish sessions and start setting up for woodstock - success.

Sort out equipment for JCR stage 3 and then help put up gazebos outside - sleep on stage - semi-success!

Wake up ridiculously early and sort out wires, get all set up at station and in ob studio. Try and explain to presenters what everything does (not really listening - get a bit annoyed) go try and sort out multi-core for mixing - Fail!

But the day went very well, I had to go to work at 5pm so missed the evening party. Got locked in at work, broke out set the alarms off, got back in to silence them, had to stay until an engineer came out to fix it. Went to ury to pack up wires with Martynm home to bed for 4 hours and then went back to work!

Feel a bit drained