So, still living it up in Llandrindod before I head back up North. While here I have made a lot of progress on Signpost. New content includes the 'Think Safe' section incorporating a drink unit calculator, drug of the month etc.

Visually some adjustments have been made too, the rounded corners have bit the dust until the official, compatible css comes out for IE. The stripped back background has gone and a yellow bigger background has appeared covering more of the page.

The only current problem seems to be content being fixed so that it doesn't get bigger with the page.

I have also re-tidyed the head - passing variables (title + description) by php did not work so titles + descriptions are set manually out on each page.

Would have liked to do some testing on the visual player but my laptop remains in safe-mode. Got it to boot up yesterday but then it over heated in the middle of torchwood and now we're back to basics :(

Until then....


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