A Few Days Out



The past weekend has been crazy! - WOODSTOCK, Work and not sleeping have been the themes. I have just caught some sleep this past night.

Thursday work till late, go to ury to record show and set up for warm-up, locked out - fail.

Friday morning goto work, finish at 4 and head to ury to help with sessions. Success.

Finish sessions and start setting up for woodstock - success.

Sort out equipment for JCR stage 3 and then help put up gazebos outside - sleep on stage - semi-success!

Wake up ridiculously early and sort out wires, get all set up at station and in ob studio. Try and explain to presenters what everything does (not really listening - get a bit annoyed) go try and sort out multi-core for mixing - Fail!

But the day went very well, I had to go to work at 5pm so missed the evening party. Got locked in at work, broke out set the alarms off, got back in to silence them, had to stay until an engineer came out to fix it. Went to ury to pack up wires with Martynm home to bed for 4 hours and then went back to work!

Feel a bit drained


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