Moved Out


Well hello again, long time no speak!

I have successfully moved out of 121 and into storage. It was a bit of a mammoth task with Big D and everything but I made it. Thursday was Little D - live OB from outside Heslington Hall. It was really good fun. Had to go to work that evening 'till finish. Last shift before 'holiday'.

After work, went on to DJ at the silent disco at Big D - sooo much fun. Kicked ass.

Stayed up all night packing, getting pretty tired by this stage. Had 2 hours sleep, started moving things to storage at 8.30 AM. Finished by 11.30am and the massive cleanup ensued.

Took Alice to train station for 3.30, getting pretty very tired. Made it home to relax a little, have a sleep.

Woke up, cleaned and cooked, moved rest of my stuff up to URY for the week Made it to Sinclair's to give the keys and paperwork back, ate some cake there.

Went to URY, met Gareth - took the station off air and then indeed apart! I fell asleep around 2am, he kept going. Got up at 5 for train, fell asleep missed Shrewsbury stop, had to get bus from Hereford but made it back just about alive!

Looking forward to my few days here in Llandrindod! Boom, there you go!


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