From My Desktop


Hello to you from my desktop!

That's correct, I'm coming to you today from not the internet, not my phone, nor some other crazy way but through a lone piece of software called 'Blog Entry Poster' It's for Linux as that's what I'm on these days. It's OK - It's a box that you can write a post in. Just what I needed really.

Website Updates include a new little 'Dylan' on the left-hand side whom appears to be talking to you! He's saying my latest Tweet / Facebook status for you - lovely.

I got an invite for Google Wave (thanks Gareth!) - with minimal numbers of people - being collaboratively creative is hard but they have given me 8 invitations to send to people so if you want one then please do ask... Expect a re-hash on the old projects section soon - I'm going to make it a little more beautiful and easy and mainly add some University content too for your pleasure.... coming soon-ish. Haven't really thought of anything yet but I'll start! So let's see what this post looks like...

NOTE: I had to edit it because it put it into loads of paragraphs and didn't have a title - That piece of software has had a short life.


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