It's that time of year again: Get rid of those Wikipedia donation banners on Chrome

@daz4590 me

I'll give #nufc £50 to rename the ground "The Dylan Jones"

Leeds, Leeds

Why does the adobe flash permission dialogue not appear when using the twitter bootstrap?

Yey, @just_host agreed to fix it and just have! Normal service can now resume! Sorry people who have been trapped in the past

Leeds, Leeds

My web host @just_host refuse to correct the server time so everything is going wrong.

@alexswilliams They also asked me to pull my android and web application which were using their API :(

Leeds, Leeds

National Rail called me earlier to say they can only publish timetables in PDF as they're protected. Lame #opendata

Leeds, Leeds

@scottygb Back in my BHS days I had to ask every customer if they wanted a credit card or a giant cuddly dog called Dylan. Fun times.

Leeds, Leeds

@BTGradCareers Hi! I'm wanting to apply for 2012 grad prog and graduate next July, should I put a predicted result ie 2:1 in application?

@bbcid you're very welcome

Leeds, Leeds

@bbcid You are not logged in on an episode in iPlayer, you login successfully and then the share tools multiply

Leeds, Leeds

@bbcid I have found a weird bug when you sign in on an @iPlayer page, who should I tell?

Leeds, Leeds - because

I have just realised that this lanyard is velcroic - amazing! #charityhack

Twitter has become so bloated with JavaScript I have taken their advice and am now just using - it so much faster!

Horray! I made it sort of work! #charityhack

Londen, Engeland

Good morning. Leaving for #charityhack see you down there. Good night.

Leeds, Leeds

Hey! I have just updated Is My Train Delayed? Android application - give it a go please, thank you.

Leeds, Leeds

@charltonbrooker The BBC are trying to make them look nice

Leeds, Leeds

Facebook have sent me an email saying their going to be sending less email. Irony.

Manchester, Manchester

I'm attending Charity Hack 2011, 24th-25th September 2011 in London via @lanyrd

If you use @02LabsHashblue then I have made a little app that lets you create a word cloud from your messages #blue

Leeds, Leeds

Don't you hate it when your web host changes your shared IP address without letting you know. #DNSnightmare

People who hate running for late trains, the solution: now available on the Android Marketplace -

I have just added BBC 6 Music to as featured on the BBC website:

@JPWHook I just wish I was on the URY sports desk with you giving stats such as the average height of goal scoreers

@sam_glenton are you coming across to these parts for the biggest night on the llandod calendar- fireworks night?

@DiasporaInvites Yes please, dylan at

@JonnyRogers9 7 tweets in a row, thats not the point of twitter. Where's the blog gone?

Powys, Powys