has re-discovered bebo photos! from 2005

Fell asleep on the bus, woke up all confused and got off randomly in tadcaster- I don't live here!


I love buses

Dylan Jones Show on URY from 10pm

getting dressed


York bound

Looking forward to my bed- yawn !

Afternoon free to do a little bit of work

iPod is broken - this is very sad :(

10 days left of work at Dave's :( but horray!

@harrietjennings thank god! There isn't enough paint in the world!

Hello Im Dylan

Hello (URY live >

I stink of fire and smoke - but do love bbqs

im at ury

An evening of dance beckons

going to bed now

going to bed in llandrindod!

is in llandrindod wells

ate way too many pastries today via @addthis

on ury - - or the radio 1350am across york campus

Night night x

Finished work! Yes!

flapjack time!

i'm listening to URY

got the day off so making the most of my time

visit it's the place to be!