@musichackday OK thanks! Maybe I'll carry it on or start something new if I get more inspiration tomorrow!

@musichackday Is it cheating if I have started my project already?

@itsjackwilliams It's my ringtone!

What do you call a pringles addict? I am one

Herefordshire, Herefordshire

With Facebook timeouts, sites relying on their 'social widgets' and 'connect' fail too. That will teach them to trust a 3rd party service.

Did not know about 3D Google Street View! - right click and 'turn on 3D mode' - you need the old school red and blue glasses. Pretty good.

Bacon sandwich please

Someones robbed the shared global css file at BBC News - - Web content on the TV. Will future TV shows have clickable links in the form of objects and people?

Why @daz4590, why?

failed to get up so missed the train, never mind.

@ldodds live train times and timetables #opendata

Why wont the world just drop the 'www' sub-domain? it has no purpose and just looks ugly.

Looking into getting some arduino boards for my secret project

* Terms and Conditions apply.

Powys, Powys

Free drink at the log cabin*

Powys, Powys

@davetracz sounds exciting!

Powys, Powys

I love that O2 have an API to retrieve text messages (called #blue) - Amazing, all my conversations in json!

@URYNews Your page is broken - I would fix it but I do not have VPN access to York University thus cannot FTP to URY - Sorry! (TLAs galore)

@URYNews Have you been to the URY News pages recently?

Fantastic start to the season for Joe Heart

Powys, Powys

now playing: @bbcr1

Powys, Powys

Trains booked for London!

@DeveloperDame Yes, would love to! Do you have any ideas on the type of thing you want to make?

Manchester City Centre, Manchester

@DeveloperDame I am!

Kirklees, Kirklees

Hooray! I just got an invite for the London @musichackday - can't wait!

Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Must stay awake or will not be getting up for work!

Pubquiz tonight! - What day is your local pub quiz?

I just recommended Sherlock

@rich13 I only just had some friends appear this week - I'll have another look...I am determined now!