I want to do something fun with my arduino

Leeds City Centre, Leeds

@allirense is new and good

Leeds City Centre, Leeds

@daz4590 I missed you at BBC Yorkshire at 6.40am this morning!

Leeds City Centre, Leeds

October? Whaaat!? How did that happen?

Leeds City Centre, Leeds

Why can't the browser handle all logins and passwords - don't even show me the fields - just log me in straight away. You know who I am. Ta.

Leeds City Centre, Leeds

@jason_p_rose Say stuff like: "I have just seen a funny looking squirrel outside, it was carrying an acorn."

Leeds, Engeland

@scottygb Right that's it! I've had enough of you! I'll sleep through you so I never have to see you again.

Leeds, Engeland

@scottygb There was a lack of biscuits this morning

Rhondda Cynon Taff, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Turns out it is real, what a bitch.

Haha! The guardian are stupid not to check for verification! I think @AmyWinehouse may get annoyed.

Just tried out Facebook Places - it shows me in about 4 miles north of where I actually am. iPhone problem or stupid Facebook using Bing?

Leeds, Engeland

If you're going to use timestamps in user session keys- make sure you use a common time zone between the user and database

@derivadow That is very very cool! RT Wildlife from your sofa, big screen Wildlife Finder:

If I could offer one piece of advice right now, it would be "Go to Bed!"

Rhondda Cynon Taff, Rhondda Cynon Taff

@alexswilliams Yes, please do! You can spend more than half an hour if you like! I have only met one person so far, she is lovely and Irish

University, Leeds

Moved into my new home. Welcome to Leeds

University, Leeds

Using the @O2hashblue API, I have made a word cloud of my texts in the last month.

I love trains. On my way up to Leeds for interview.

Kirklees, Kirklees

Currently downloading the 4.1 update for iPhone - it promises to speed up the phone. I hope they've fixed those annoying bugs too.

Google Instant Search - it's fast!

@charlesarthur Yes, Interesting. Also I wonder how many lines of code for each implementation?

What's the buzz on BBC Programmes?

@charlesarthur Why would anyone do that? now has a demo jukebox simulating bluetooth devices for you to see how it all works #musichackday

What is the most common word in my SMS inbox/sent messages?

My #musichackday hack works on my trains wi-fi but wouldn't perform during the presentation - never mind, it was an awesome weekend!

lunch anyone? #musichackday

@guardiantech - we are downstairs hacking, come and say hello #musichackday

full on pizza #musichackday

on the train to #musichackday

Caerphilly, Caerphilly