@alexswilliams wake up!

Leeds, Leeds

@daz4590 I just went on to my LastFM and it told me you were, haha!

Leeds, Leeds

@daz4590 Are you listening to Britney Spears?

Leeds, Leeds

@alexswilliams How does 20 quid for a computer with a couple of 40gb hdd, a mouse, keyboard, dvd/cd, sound card and ethernet sound?

Leeds, Leeds

@jamespthomas Maybe if you spell it right

Leeds, Leeds

@IgnitionWeb This bug relates to you actually! You have been engaged since 20 March 2006. That bug tracker is only for the platform sadly

Powys, Powys

How do you submit a bug to @Facebook?

Powys, Powys

@scottygb That's a pretty good guess!

Powys, Powys

I have excavated the stored location data from my iPhone - (I don't think I've been to Newcastle?) @JonnyRogers9 Your Facebook Interactivity Analyser

@charlesarthur @chriskimber Although for this story, the link is wrong!

Um, wow! Drive around in a milk monster truck!

RT @ybsolo: we are open for use. get logged in, have a go and send us some feedback, most grateful. enjoy!

@daz4590 Mine just delivered my phone, yey! (I left it in a different city)

A lot of people are google-ing 'Dylan from Casualty' and finding themselves on my site - haha!

They have now changed the message to "Our best advice is to return to the site tomorrow." No thanks.

"Try again in about an hour." I have, 3 times!

@tomscott Haha, nice.

Dear Steve, If I set my iPhone alarm for tomorrow morning, will it wake me up? (You have failed me the last few times)

I am tempted to write "I speak Welsh well" for Q17 although it doesn't ask.

@pjh122 @daz4590 Although, now its BST that might sway it a bit!

@pjh122 @daz4590 I'm home now. Don't worry. Sadly/Luckily it was not that delayed.

I'm stationary at Doncaster: Hundreds stuck on East Coast line -

Well, I had a great day in London.

Kings Cross, London

#nhtg11 Where should all the Convicts go? is live at

Kings Cross, London

How did Scotland have 412.85 woman prisoners in 2009? #nhtg11

Early start for #nhtg11 0505 train down to London from Leeds. Feeling pretty good though! Where can I get breakfast?

Hyde Park, Leeds

@firefox Congratulations, you're winning!

Watch live download statistics for Firefox 4 #fx4

@harrietjennings @scottygb I remember cabling around the stage at 6am - and then all those loud happy people arriving with drums, not cool.