@YouView On the "3MBps" image should be 3Mbps - very different things!

@LeedsUniElecEng @Ali_Bros @overtheair Thanks!

Come on Google, that's not cool...

Leeds, Engeland

@TimmsLes Hello! Nice little computer. The trickiest thing for me was formatting and saving the OS image onto the SD card.

Leeds, Engeland

Got the Raspberry Pi operational

Leeds, Engeland is now available over IPv6 and SSL thanks to the extremely good @webfaction (Af. Link)

Leeds, Engeland

Raspberry Pi starts up but the keyboard I have is known to cause an issue (it draws up to 1.5A?!) Tesco tomorrow

Many thanks to you guys from @mbedmicro for all the prizes and help at #ota12

Thanks to @sicross and the @Facebook team at #ota12 for my wonderful new phone!

Have a ridiculous number of gadgets to play with now with all the goodies from #ota12 and the arrival of my raspberry pie

Good morning! After burgler alarms at 0130 I'm REALLY happy to be up for the 0530 train down with @Ali_Bros to #OTA12

Leeds, Leeds

My @Raspberry_Pi is on its way ***MISPLACED APOSTROPHE REMOVED***

Leeds, Engeland

My @Raspberry_Pi is on it's way

Leeds, Engeland

Hooray! I got my first email meant for @DylanJonesGQ, don't worry I have forwarded it on.

This is the poshest megabus ever. It has two floors, two flights of stairs, a toilet and electricity sockets by your seat. #MDNldn

Leeds, Leeds

I am loving my standing up work desk. Chairs are so overrated.

I'm trying to upgrade to #ICS on my S2 but Kies says “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies” Why not?

@itsjackwilliams They asked me for a thousand quid to use the API. I said I'd think about it.

@itsjackwilliams (shhh don't tell the association of train operating companies)

Hi @Android @SamsungMobile I've found an exploit to access recently read email on my S2. I've made an app to demo

@itsjackwilliams @ieuanhughes He's not answering.

If you are using Chrome dev build, check out - It's a shared canvas to draw on using web sockets, with colour picker!

@magicbadger @andybee Nice, cheers

@andybee @magicbadger Awesome, thanks.

@andybee Can you help? In the XSI doc for Capital et al - FM services have 'e1' as country code is it not 'ce1'?

“@huwstephens Powys” - Fair Trade Cakes, Rhayader Clock and Powys Recycling - Ardderchog

I am still rocking my @MCSaatchi sweat bands from #game5hack

@itsjackwilliams No that's OK thanks!

Leeds, Engeland