@itsjackwilliams SWIMMING apparently haha. I'm heading up to trusty Craven Arms now. If all goes well I will be in the Llanerch

Torfaen, Torfaen

No 1st class today, in fact no train, not even a rail replacement bus.

Newport, Newport

Travelling 1st class today to Swansea. £7.80 compared to standard £12. Will I get a free sandwich?

Bristol, Bristol

@ismytraindelayd BRI to CDF

South Somerset, Somerset

Great week in Belfast for BT hackathon. Some really cool stuff going on there.

North Somerset, North Somerset

@ieuanhughes I cannot believe you thought it was a space lift! It most definitely was not

Belfast, Belfast

I'm going on a plane!

North Somerset, North Somerset

@ismytraindelayd Cardiff central to cogan

Bristol, Bristol

@ismytraindelayd bristol temple meads to Cardiff central

Bristol, Bristol

I have extended to listen for tweets with #ismytraindelayed - it will tweet you back your train time (@ismytraindelayd)

Bristol, Engeland

@ismytraindelayed Bristol Temple Meads to Reading

Bristol, Engeland

@ismytraindelayed Llandrindod to Cravern Arms

Bristol, Bristol

London Paddington to St Austell #ismytraindelayed

Bristol, Engeland

@ismytraindelayd cardiff central to swansea

Bristol, Engeland is very busy this weekend!

Bristol, Engeland

@BTGradCareers do we do shorter placements for people looking for a 30 day or less work experience type thing

Cardiff, Cardiff

"Charlotte Pritchard and the BBC do not recommend chopping any sort of food on your toilet seat."

Bristol, Engeland

It's 12:34:56.789 10/11/12

Newport, Newport

Whack-the-Mole Download now! #charityhack

All this tiny food is making me feel very tall #charityhack

You can download "Whack-the-Mole" from the @GooglePlay store All money raised goes to the @princestrust #charityhack

Note to self: Don't leave backpack with laptop on tube #charityhack

Richmond-upon-Thames, Londen

I have never heard that announcement at a station before: `Please do not feed the pigeons. They are a nuisance and a health hazard.`

@Jonnyrogers9 calm down, it hasn't been that long since you've seen me! Need anything from Oxford St?

Westminster, Londen

Been using ruby over the past few days and it is really nice

Bristol, Bristol

More audition slots now available! @WestSideStory13

Not sure how much I can trust a site about web standards that looks like this

Yes defo!

Bristol, Bristol


Oww #gnr2012