I have just seen what appears to be a giant gingerbread man! #gnr2012

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I wish there was an FM radio built into my laptop.

@WestSideStory13 Too kind!

I'm doing the Great North Run in 3 weeks raising money for @Oxfam Please support me by texting "DJVJ89 £3" to 70070

@samglenton oh yes! The one and only.

Powys, Powys

@itsjackwilliams All well here. Keep up the good work!

Powys, Wales

@itsjackwilliams How's it going my friend? You're missing a scorcher of a #VictorianFestival

Powys, Wales

@ginatrapani @twitter What about every call having to be authorised?

@TimmsLes Yes, very excited - hope I get to shake his hand or do the 'Mo-bot' as I pass him

@YouView @lord_sugar You're welcome! "looking into it" - Brilliant!

Synchronised swimming is crazy

@YouView You have got your bits and your bytes mixed up on /cc @Lord_Sugar

@aamir__mir You can however embed iPlayer and set the playlist to radio 1.

Powys, Powys

@aamir__mir I'm not sure you can use HTML5 audio as they seem to only have streams available in wrappers and not mpeg.

Powys, Powys

@Rose_Again I'll bring cake tomorrow! Or Jaffa cakes, or both!

Powys, Powys

@aamir__mir Awesome, best of luck. Let me know how you get on and if I can be any more help! #yrs2012

Powys, Powys

@aamir__mir Hi! For I use the BBC /programmes API for show information and the LastFM API for tracks played

Chilling outside the Olympic park at the front of the queue

Newham, Londen

@TimmsLes I reckon I could take him at the next one... I hear he's only fast for a couple of hundred meters

Powys, Powys

2-day rest before Olympics. Can now say I've raced an Olympian coming 1602 guys behind him with a time of 1hr 0min 1sec #greatnorth10k

Cardiff, Cardiff

Got jellybean on my Galaxy Nexus this morning & loving Google Now. Other massive improvement is the return of CAPS LOCK

Umm, did anyone else just get an email from @London2012 asking to send a picture of a dead person?



@YouView On the "3MBps" image should be 3Mbps - very different things!

@LeedsUniElecEng @Ali_Bros @overtheair Thanks!

Come on Google, that's not cool...

Leeds, Engeland

@TimmsLes Hello! Nice little computer. The trickiest thing for me was formatting and saving the OS image onto the SD card.

Leeds, Engeland

Got the Raspberry Pi operational

Leeds, Engeland is now available over IPv6 and SSL thanks to the extremely good @webfaction (Af. Link)

Leeds, Engeland