@Ali_Bros yes I think so. I'll put a reminder on my phone now

@Ali_Bros very! Its been awesome in the past

City of Bristol, City of Bristol

@ali_bros here's the £1 I owe you! #payapal

@dylan8902 here's the £10 I owe you! #payapal

@dylan8902 here's the £1 I owe you! #payapal

@ali_bros here's the £1 I owe you! #payapal

@Ali_Bros ye where is it now?

Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes

@Ali_Bros yes I'll be on that one

Westminster, London

The @BBCNews mobile app API endpoint is named after Moira Stuart. Brilliant.

South Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire

@ArrivaTW Your staff seem to be arguing on the platform on who's driving and I'm not getting to work any quicker

Cardiff, Cardiff

Come back from holidays to find the @stjohnwales app I made has already saved someone's life!

City of Bristol, England

@derekahmedzai great stuff

Budapest, Budapest

Jordan + Nia from @bt_uk at Royal Welsh Show with our @stjohnwales #firstaidforfarmers app

@gempip25 You scored 13/14 on the First Aid Quiz - 14/14 on the @stjohnwales app

RT @stjohnwales: We're excited to be launching our free first aid app at this year's @royalwelshshow Come along on 2…

@gempip25 I am awake

County of Herefordshire, County of Herefordshire

@JonnyRogers9 Good luck!

City of Bristol, City of Bristol

@ismytraindelayd BRI to cdf

City of Bristol, City of Bristol

RT @ismytraindelayd: @dylan8902 The 07:16 Bristol Temple Meads to Cardiff Central - On time (Platform 7)


Powys, Wales

"Wi-Fi is free to all customers upon payment of a small fee" hmmm is that really free then?

Hackney, Londen

@Ali_Bros hey! Yes awesome! I am definitely up for it

Cardiff, Cardiff

NI number + unique taxpayer reference + government gateway id = we couldn't identify you from information provided #taxdoesnothavetobetaxing

Cardiff, Cardiff

This looks really good from @pingdom Transaction Monitoring

Cardiff, Cardiff

@tzvister I am working in applications and tools in BT Technology, Service and Operations

Bristol, Bristol

@tzvister thanks. Don't know when I'll be in London next.

Bristol, Bristol

@tzvister from the BBC /programmes API see the docs here to get schedule and show data

Newport, Newport

@Lostmynamebook Hi! The BBC playout system 'scrobbles' to @lastfm and I use their API to get the latest tracks in close to real-time

Cardiff, Cardiff

I have spent the weekend learning the Downton Abbey theme tune on the piano and think I have cracked it

Bristol, Engeland

@AdventLocker I was literally at that co-op getting an amazon parcel yesterday!

Powys, Powys