Why does @Flickr think I'm in New Zealand when I'm in Wales?

Powys, Wales

Found some old audio of me on 'One Road Travel' on @chrismoylesshow - "Goodbye from meeee..."

Leeds, England

And we are off.... Allez les rouges

Leeds, Engeland

@scottygb Take that back!!

Wakefield, Wakefield

Our prototype of Deep Dive is live at #soctved

Westminster, Londen

#soctved Greatest idea I heard was having a 3 hour nap at 4am.

Westminster, Londen

@gempip25 Haha, why? That's my head!

Back from the pub and continuing the hack... #soctved

Early night tonight. 5.05am train down to London for #soctved hack day - don't know what im going to be working on yet...

Leeds, Leeds

Blimey, is Mat OK there @BBCR1 ?

Leeds, Engeland

@alexswilliams Haha! She's not a Jones.

Leeds, Leeds

You can now scrobble tracks to @lastfm while you are listening to BBC Radio at

Leeds, Engeland

@alexswilliams RT @grmcall: Of the 28,000 new teachers last year in the UK, 3 had a computer-related degree. Not 3000, just 3.

Leeds, Leeds

The new ybsolo is out:

Leeds, Engeland

Domain moving day soon. I'm excited. Goodbye dot info, it's been fun.

Powys, Powys

@tomscott Looks amazing!

Cardiff, Wales

Well now we know the coded tannoy announcement for a smoke alarm at Manchester Piccadilly #inspectorsam

Manchester, Manchester

@Thehodge I know how you feel, they have just open sourced my name

Leeds, Leeds

@robclouth Hello! Cheers, yes you need to stop posting stuff on your own wall

Our embedded systems project flirts

Snake as a URI:

@tommitytom Hmm, who's that crazy guy with the chalk lolly?

@nokia Thanks!

Leeds, Engeland

@nokia Hello! Can you help for our university project please? Where do you get your plastic casing from for model 1280? Many Thanks

Leeds, Leeds

Good Morning #musichackday

City of London, London

I should be banned from jD

Londen, Engeland

It's an early start to get the 2am megabus down to london for #musichackday

@Sir_Reece You were in my dream last night. Although you were angry at me for some reason? What have I done??

Leeds, Leeds

@IgnitionWeb FM Radio with microcontroller, gets data via 3G through RadioDNS to display text and images on a nice colour screen

Leeds, Leeds

@Futureboard It was interesting and useful, thanks for coming!