So much stuff to unpack and sort out- this is just ridiculous!

lots of goals - maybe an interesting game

@404wibbs When I write a text, it goes off the screen and its slow

No penalties then - shame!

@404wibbs aye yea I have but it's a bit dodge, especially messaging. did you find the results? I couldn't

Should have had dinner before starting this iPhone update - I'm starving now!

What's in the box? Nothing, now get in the box! #doctorwho

With Wimbledon getting ever closer, it may just be the day to get out the tennis racket. @jonnyrogers9 up for a game?

Holidays are good, but Summer Holidays are brilliant

I just recommended It's All Gone Pete Tong

O2 website fails me

There's nothing like formatting a hard drive to finish off your Saturday

I just recommended Mitchell & Webb

Crazy wicked day

Ridgebourne Pub Quiz Champions

Come help tidy URY stores - it will be amazing!

I just recommended Doctor Who - Series 5

Exams over, Summer can officially begin

I just recommended Doctor Who - Series 5

Can't even remember 8 ways that digital comms is better, let alone the 3 different forms of the Fourier Series

@stoaty I'm with BT and can't access BBC website

Walking human computer virus?

@samuelbailey differences to iPlayer include being Social, marking favourites and reminding you of available episodes - pretty cool!

Oh found it!

Where has all my music gone offa my phone?

@itsjackwilliams #R1BW was amazing - favourite moments include Lost Prophets and Dizzee Rascal

I'm stranded in Crewe if anyone wants to come and rescue me....

I'm in Manchester

Ashes to Ashes tonight! Last episode, will we find out what the hell is going on? BBC1 9pm

Revision Snacks: Grapes and Custard Creams - Perfect