What the hell are all these little green midges?!

Leeds, Leeds

Evil Facebook?

Blog Post on Buses:

My back hurts - I think I have been in bed for too long. Never mind, I like bed.

David Cameron is our what?!

Next time SkyNews cameraman, take a tripod!

Very excited about Stornoway + Special Guests tonight in Derwent College, 7:30. See you there!

Only 6 emails today?! What's broken?

library revision is crap

I feel like the king of the world at the front/ top of this double decker

Forgotten how much I missed the coastliner fro

I forgot how great The Simpsons Movie was

The Plan: Washing, Revision, Eating, Drying, Revision, Ironing, Revision, Snowman, Eating, Revision, Bed

it's snowing - real snow to!

@jackwilliams8 - pub quiz - 2nd place coming our way and rumours is a must! Roll on Christmas, I want 2010 to come!

@jackwilliams8 it is all the equations I need to know to calculate current density

J = I/A = nev = neμE = σE = (n(e^2)E)/m Amazing

roast dinner - yum yum :)

Sandwich Bar - 1pm - Be There

Having a pint in the log with reece, dave, ieu and jack @jackwilliams8

in Llandrindod - come and find me

5.19am -- leaving house for llandrindod

URY Social Today - @URY1350

URY Social Today - @ur1350

Enjoying my Monday off although have spent a lot on train tickets!

watching #FlashForward - why are the FBI so stupid!

MATLAB complete

has re-discovered bebo photos! from 2005

Fell asleep on the bus, woke up all confused and got off randomly in tadcaster- I don't live here!