@ginatrapani Good spot - interesting hypothesis!

@rich13 Ooh what is it? Is it that my friends page now has friends?

Any ideas on what to do today?

@itsjackwilliams I have no idea, never done it before but was thinking cycling with a backback of beer + cycle back in time for work

@itsjackwilliams yes indeedy!

Powys, Powys

I'm listening to Plan B

Powys, Powys

#nowplaying Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano

Bike ride

hmmmm 4am - maybe should try and sleep - Listen to your Facebook friends' favourite artists (only tested in Google Chrome, uses HTML5)

@daz4590 I heard daz and thought that had to be you!

Powys, Powys

I have just discovered - amazing APIs for music stuff

BBC News iPhone app crashed on my first go - was there a need to discuss whether or not it would harm the UK press? Probably not then

Google search results now social: - using your contacts to find what your looking for

Where is everyone? "None of your friends from Facebook or Twitter have connected to BBC iD yet..." BBC Website

@scottygb What was it about?

@daz4590 Have you seen the petrol station out by B&Q in York with the daleks on the roof? Amazing

Pub quiz - Ridgebourne - 9pm

@jeffjarvis Google Docs

Winter is closing in - this time yesterday morning it was light!

Llandrindod now has a shop that sells socks, printers and pringles- now all we need is 3G and DAB coverage!

Last day of holidays tomorrow. I'm going to enjoy it!

Good morning Hereford! Hello weekend!

Work in 4 hours : (

@kiwiaverys A gunman who declared war against Northumbria police 5 days ago, on the run, shot 3 people, killing one. Now in an ambulance.

Has got a job!

@jeffjarvis What was your number? I missed it when you vanished from TWiG

Desperate Housewives - John Barrowman blown up - yey!

Looking for something to hack.... got any ideas?

@IgnitionWeb Haha good one!