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My Recently Watched

Birdsong, Episode 1

Soldier Stephen Wraysford is haunted by memories of a lost love whilst in the trenches.

Starship Troopers

Science fiction adventure in which Earth is threatened by giant insects from outer space.

Enemy of the State

A young attorney becomes enmeshed in a sinister political conspiracy.

Trees Lounge

Black comedy about the cruel blows of fate suffered by a professional loser.

Revolutionary Road

A suburban couple struggle as boredom and resentment engulf their marriage.

Scary Movie 3

A reporter discovers a videotape that kills people seven days after watching it.

Public Enemies, Episode 3

Paula must decide whether she is willing to put everything on the line to help Eddie.

Public Enemies, Episode 2

Eddie claims he is an innocent man, but probation officer Paula does not want to hear it.

Public Enemies, Episode 1

Eddie Mottram has served his sentence, but is he safe to release back into the community?

The Hot Chick

Mystical earrings lead a cheerleader to swap bodies with a small-time male crook.

Rev., Series 2, Episode 5

Financial salvation for the city vicar seems to come in the form of a city slicker.

Rev., Series 2, Episode 4

A brilliant new teacher at the church school is great news - except that he is an atheist.

My Family, Mary Christmas

Ben looks upon the new year as a chance to renew an old battle with his neighbour.

Right at Your Door

A couple become separated when biological weapons are detonated in Los Angeles.