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My Recently Watched

The Incredibles

Children's animation. A family of superheroes living the quiet life must save the world.

Paradox, Episode 5

The team receive images more intimate than anything they have previously dealt with.

Paradox, Episode 4

The team receive images predicting a robbery, a fire and multiple deaths.

Paradox, Episode 3

Rebecca vows to stop a serial rapist from committing a violent attack and murder.

Crash, Episode 6

Cath is suspended from work and her father is admitted to hospital.

At First Sight

Romantic drama about a New York architect who falls in love with a blind masseur.

Legally Blonde

A West Coast girl enrols at Harvard law school in order to win back her ex-boyfriend.

The Best Man

Olly agrees to be the best man at James's wedding, but falls in love with his fiancee.