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My Recently Watched

Vexed, Episode 3

The kidnap of a girl band member puts a spotlight on detectives Jack and Kate.

Vexed, Episode 2

Police detectives Jack and Kate find themselves entering the world of therapy.

No Way Out

Thriller. A US naval officer posted to the Pentagon is in the frame for a murder.

Vexed, Episode 1

Police detectives Jack and Kate have very different approaches to the job.

Mongrels, Episode 8

Marion falls in with a crowd who want to stop humans from celebrating bonfire night.

Mongrels, Episode 7

With Vince in a coma, Nelson must look after his territory for him.

Click, 01/08/2010

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.

Rev, Episode 5

Adam's thrilled to make a new friend who has nothing to do with the church.

The Wave

A high school teacher's unusual class experiment spins horribly out of control.

Sherlock, A Study in Pink

Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet, and tackle the case of the Impossible Suicides.