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My Recently Watched

Him & Her, The Parents

Becky's parents are coming round to fix the fridge and Steve is terrified of meeting them.

Him & Her, The Football

Everyone's trying to watch the match between two local teams except Steve, Laura and Paul.

Click 25-09-2010

Click investigates how to send a parcel to someone you've only met online.


A newly qualified teacher comes up against Mark, a troubled and disruptive pupil.

The Special Relationship

Drama examining the relationship between Tony Blair and US president Bill Clinton.

Him & Her, The Birthday

It's Steve's birthday and everyone wants to go out and get plastered - except Steve.

Bigga than Ben

Two likeable but wayward Russians arrive in London seeking a better life.

EastEnders, 10/09/2010

The Mitchells are devastated by the shocking events. Will Albert Square ever recover?

Him & Her, The Toast

Steve and Becky's plans to stay in bed are scuppered when Becky's sister Laura arrives.

The Invisible

Drama about a student left for dead after being stabbed by a vengeful teenage girl.

Click, 04/09/2010

Click puts the latest 3D cameras to the test. Plus, the latest technology news.

The Deep, The Last Breath

Will the crew manage to stabilise the energy source and make it back to the surface?