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Hunted, Snow Maiden

When an assassination attempt fails, Sam is exposed as a spy and trapped inside the house.

Hunted, Polyhedrus

Sam suspects that Jack Turner intends to assassinate a Pakistani presidential candidate.

Hunted, Ambassadors

A mysterious assassin tells Sam that he is trying to protect her from a conspiracy.

Hunted, Kismet

Sam discovers that Jack Turner is engaged in sabotage to make millions.

Hunted, Mort

Sam Hunter returns to London to discover which of her colleagues set her up.

Sliding Doors

The nature of fate is explored in the life of a young woman who narrowly misses her train.

Bad Education, School Trip

On a school trip, Alfie and Gulliver take their pupils to a petting zoo and ink museum.

Doctor Who, Pond Life

The Doctor is en route to visit the Ponds but will he ever make it back to them?

Vexed, Series 2, Episode 4

Georgina goes undercover on a televised cookery competition. Jack tries to impress a woman

Raising Helen

Comedy drama. A party-loving career woman inherits three children after her sister dies.

The Last Shot

Comedy. An FBI agent poses as a Hollywood producer in a complex sting operation.

Vexed, Series 2, Episode 2

Jack and Georgina investigate the murder of a student on a modern university campus.

Vexed, Series 2, Episode 1

DI Jack Armstrong and his new partner struggle to get along in their first investigation.

Line of Duty, Episode 5

With Gates on the run, the anti-corruption team come under pressure to close the case.

Line of Duty, Episode 4

Desperate for proof of Gates's corruption, Fleming pushes their relationship to the limit.

Brooklyn's Finest

Crime thriller. Three unconnected Brooklyn cops wind up at the same deadly location.