Train: Bristol to Cogan

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Similar to my Bus: York to Leeds post back in 2010, I thought I would do a similar analysis for my commute for the last couple of years.

I took this journey twice each working day for 2 years before moving to Cardiff. I wondered how many miles and hours I have spent on the trains.

The Map


Distance per Journey37.3 miles
Distance per Day74.6 miles
Total Distance74.6 miles x 5 days x 90 weeks = 33,570 miles


Cost per Ticket£12
Total Cost£12 x 5 days x 90 weeks = £5,400
Petrol Costs33,570mi x 35mpg x 134p = £5842.87

Taking the train has cost 92% of what it would have cost for fuel alone if I had used a car


Time per Journey85 minutes
Total Time85 mins x twice a day x 5 days x 90 weeks = 53.125 days

Final percentage for you: the time I have spent on the train is equivalent to 7.27% of the 2 whole years!


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    Richard Jones

    If you want to make a better comparison:Journey distance by car is 45.9miles time for jouney 1hr 18min (in current traffic)

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