Bus: York to Leeds

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I have taken this journey twice each working day for this last academic year (2009/10). I wondered how many miles and hours I have spent on the big blue buses.

The Map


Distance per Journey34 miles
Distance per Day68 miles
Total Distance68 miles x 5 days x 30 weeks = 10,200 miles

This total distance covered is equivalent to just under the distance between London, UK and Sydney, Australia


Cost per Bus Pass£80
Total Cost£80 x 7 = £560
Petrol Costs10200mi x 35mpg x 105p = £1391.10

Taking the bus has cost 40% of what it would have cost for fuel alone if I had a car


Time per Journey70 minutes
Total Time70 mins x 2 x 30 x 5 = 14.58 days

Final percentage for you: the time I have spent on the bus is equivalent to 4% of my whole year!


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