I Watched

You can share your online on demand television viewing with all your friends. Follow them to get recommendations and tips.

Friends TV

Watch clips of your Facebook friends favourite television programmes. You may find something new you like.



Information, photos and track-listings for past musical events. I am available to hire as the DJ at your next event.


Register your bluetooth MAC address and link up your favourite artists via Facebook and LastFM and your favourite music will play in the bars and restaurants you go to. Made at Music Hackday London 2010.

GMJ Handmade Jewellery

My sister makes jewellery and I was interested in doing some more jQuery stuff. Put the two together and here is a mini-site that shows off some of her work and some CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery stuff of mine.


A real time stream of online activities such as tweets, status updates, uploading photos, listening to music, geo-location, forks on github and iPlayer views to name but a few.

SMS Statistics

Some colourful real-time graphs showing when who and what kind of texts I send and receive thanks to the #blue service from O2


People are mean to each other. Friends on Facebook are sometimes not that friendly - here is a live stream of those times.

On The Run

Made by Andy Mitchell and myself for LeedsHack, you can enter an amount of money you have and it will tell you all the nice places you can go with BMI

On Radio

What is currently playing on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 2 or 6music? With show and artist information along with pictures and audio.


See where I am and where I have been. On interesting journeys, I track my location using the Google Latitude.