A fun real-time strategy multiplayer Android game. Take it in turns to join dots to complete squares.

BBC ❤s Twitter

The BBC loves twitter, their journalists find Twitter a great source of 'information'. These are recent headlines that mention 'Twitter' or 'Tweet' in their body.


Raising money for the Prince's Trust with an app that tests peoples reactions. Using the Just Giving API, people can buy game add-ons within the app with the money going to charity.

West Side Story 2013

The University of York Central Hall Musical Society asked me back to do their website for the third year running, for their performance of the West Side Story Musical. It includes the custom made audition booking system.

Dude, Where's My Car

Made for Over The Air 2012, this hack involves real-time GPS and OBD data from a car been transmitted by 3G to the website allowing trips to be then shared on Facebook.

Slay or Play

The game built by team SAWSOME for the game5hack. You randomly get paired with a friend to do an activity, if you choose not to do it. Your friend is slain.


My public Google Calendar allowing you to see my events and activities to make stalking me ever so slightly easier.


For the 2011 Charity Hack Day, I have made an application that allows you to collect pledges for your Just Giving fundraising pages. Available online and through an Android application, you just pass people your device and that them pledge for your cause. After the event, the sponsors are emailed with a unique link to take them through the payment process.