Hybrid Radio

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I am developing an internet enabled FM radio for my 3rd year Electronics project.

What does that mean?

Well, you take the standard FM radio and and connect it to the internet, this allows the radio to get extra content for the user including text and images. It also allows it to push information back to radio stations and other web services.

I will be implementing a new technology called RadioDNS.

RadioDNS is open technology that lets broadcast radio and the internet work together: enhancing the listener experience, and making radio better.

This new technology is based on the DNS system that holds the internet up, allowing you to resolve URIs pointing to online content to support radio listening.

By the end of the project, I want to create a usable product that will have some form of user input(s) and of course visual and audio outputs. It will try and be as portable as possible making use of Wi-Fi and/or 3G connectivity, while maintaining main functionalities even when offline.

We have 3 lectures next week to give us final details on how the projects run and then I have free reign over what I do then.