OpenID Update

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On the site now you can log in with your OpenID, you will authenticate via your provider and then you are logged into my site until you press logout or you close your session (browser window). When logged in you are greeted by a currently ugly account page which shows you the data I hold against you from your OpenID. You can add to, edit, remove any of these from there. Any changes you make will only be specific to this website and not your OpenID. You can then use the network tool page to update your own social networking status, I'm going to add LastFM account field so that we can compare musical tastes; flickr account aswell to see some of your public photos too if you want.

I have started adding permission settings to pages that needed them: for example the network tool now only works if your logged in and have provided your social networking details; the podcast submission form is only accesible to what I'm calling level 9 permissions - which is currently me!

Any other ideas to share stuff for fun, let me know - drop me an e-mail


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Well, I have got it to work - OpenID on my site, give it a go!

I used the library that was the original suggestion offa the openid enabled site. It didn't take much editing, I have just used the example file. At the moment, when you initially log in you get given an id and your data is stored from sreg into my db, you the get a cookie which lets me know whom you are! If you sign in again, you have the same number and your details are stored.

A few things with this at the moment, your id will expire in 30mins; your data is not updated if it changes, some permissions need to be added and a db fetch function for name, birthday etc!!

Adding openid to site

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You may or may not know that I use as an OpenID- well I have been thinking of having a login portal on my site so people can use my projects for their own accounts.

For example, the LastFM app can show your info, you can access your flickr photos and share them etc.

So first thing to do was to get me able to authenticate someone via OpenID. Yesterday I was trying a few different php libraries to no real avail - there was always some include missing or in the wrong place.

Anywhom I decided on going to a 3rd party authenticator. This has meant there's a lot of to-ing the frowning of tokens and keys and what not.

On the bus this morning, I hope I have found the solution I was looking for. I needed to get the XML result of a http post:

$reply = curl_exec($ch); $xml = simplexml_load_string($reply);

This apparently won't work if the response is an array but I'll give it a bash in a bit in Leeds