Embedded Systems Project

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This semester, I am working on the Arduino Platform to design and make an embedded system. We have been given free reign (as long as Dr Evans things it's do-able within the time limitations) to make whatever we like.

In the labs, we have been learning the basics of the platform, getting familiar with the IDE and code libraries.

LCD Screen

My first idea was some kind of remote control doing various things, but then I remembered my Electronic Clothing idea I had last year! So, I am currently toying with this idea:


Introducing the MAC: Multimeda Access Coat

From the fantastic sketch, you can see I am hoping to have a screen and keypad in each sleeve, earphones, possible connected to an iPhone dock type thing, temperature and wind sensors, GSM receiver (so that you can text the coat), maybe GPS?

Although in the early stages of development, I have invested in an £8 coat from Primark.

Cheap Coat