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Oh yes, it is that time of year again for a quick up haul of the CSS again! Updates include:

  1. Horizantal Navigation
  2. More Images
  3. Bigger Images
  4. Full use of width, whatever screen resolution
  5. Page Tools
  6. Better Browser Support (mainly IE)

What are you opinions?

The big job over the refurbishment was stepping back from HTML 5 tags section and article - the reason behind this was rendering in Internet Explorer.

I use Google Analytics on my site and recently read a post on forrst about browser versions and got interested in what my statistics say on visitors' browsers.

Screenshot of Analytics

As the stats show, around 9% of my visitors are having a go with IE but up to now, would have seen a mess. So I would like to apologise and welcome you to this design. The word on the street is that Microsoft will be taking up some html 5 tags in the next version of it's famous browser. I am looking forward to seeing that.


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