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You are reading my blog - hosted 100% on with tags and comments gallore. Why?

I have been developing the API, I have so far completed track, photo, help, twitter, contact, password manager, user and just minutes ago blog.

If you visit you can see exactly how you can access data through my API, everything is returned as xml as a result. You can make a query which has a method (the things mentioned above), an object and attribute. Not all methods have objects/attributes but all that can be seen from the help. The structure is easy peasy

and that's it!

One of the main features of the API is it's superfast as all it's returning is database entries. This is the main reason for the API - to access data outside of this website domain where you can't get into the database. I can now just make calls to the API from any domain and cache that for super speedy results.

The Blog - this is why I have had to recover all my blog posts from Google. I have taken the opportunity to put together a really fast and more superior blogging system that allows for tags and comments. With this now all posts are available straight from the address bar. Similar to the API, their is a very nice schematic way of accessing the blog.

  • takes you to the last 20 entries
  • gives you all posts
  • tag gives you all posts relating to that tag
  • dylanjones/blog/id/34 is the unique url for each individual article

There may be even more ways of accessing posts in the future, we shall see. I shall see be posting to Google Blogger hopefully, this is a test post to see if it's possible - we'll have to see how all the html tags go down over on the other side.

As ever the code will be up and available eventually, I'm going to start editing and commenting code tomorrow with any luck after some revision.

Keep Watching!


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