Big and Little Improvements


Merry Wednesday everyone!

Over the past couple of days there have been quite a few minor changes and some dig developments for Firstly the little things:

i) The projects page now comes with a little description on each of the links via a little drop down (well, just appears at the moment) link. Try it out and suggest some improvements.

ii) Feedback - There is now a little feedback box on the right hand side, feel free to click it and see what it's all about

iii) Avatars - If you have one with gravatar then you will have it displayed next to your name. You must have the same e-mail address registered with me and gravatar

Secondly some of the major upgrades:

i) iPlayer - I use iPlayer to watch programmes. Previous attempts to record what I watch with cookies etc has been a hassle. So, I have added a new project - iPlayer Episodes (name to be changed soon). I have started recording the programme identifiers to my database and now use them to identify programmes that I have seen in a nice little (ever growing) table. Using PHP to read metadata from the BBC website, I have also got the title and description for each episode I watch and provide links back to iPlayer and /programmes on the BBC website. Further development to this will be coming soon, again suggestions welcome.

ii) The launch of the API - Horray - more information will be along soon but for now just go have a play


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