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I have been working hard to try and get everything linked and talking together. I have got a copy of all my tweets and tracks I play, wether it be on iPhone, PC, internet, LastFM etc. This is all copied over to db1 now and thus will be accessible through the API. I havn't quite got all the way - still to do is to check for new tweets and the API bit - but it's a work in progress.

With this data I will be coming up with a syncronised stats page eventually that will update itself making calls from the API, very nice!


I have also completed transferring the whole website over to HTML 5 - obviously with it still in development, a lot more changes need to be made but I'm currently going through the syntax and getting rid on 'divs'.

The picture above shows how linked my stuff is so far - I'm sure it will be expanding as time goes on!